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About Us:

EG Technics Pty Ltd is a wholly Australian owned and operated company with rich and extensive OEM experience and capabilities in the solar ventilation industry. Supported by in-house factory and R&D department located overseas, ever since 2008 EG Technics has grown to be the leading R&D manufacturer specializing in customizing solar ventilators, solar wall fans and solar extractors, providing complete one-stop solar ventilation solutions for industrial, commercial, residential and recreational purposes, etc.


We’ve vastly widened the perception of where solar ventilation can be used, with our ventilators, you’ll be challenged to think outside the square – where can you bring solar ventilation into your life? Up to now, our waterproof solar ventilators have been widely applied in vehicle, boat, yacht, cruiser, caravan, motor home, trailer, RV, truck, bus, lorry, van, loft, SUV, mobile coffee van, canopy, portable/mobile toilet, office, green house, living container, container house, granny flat, roof space, attic, bathroom, kitchen, shed, shack, barn, storage pod, basement, cottage, garage, warehouse, coop, stable, cattle shed, cow house, cow shed, kennel, dog house, horse float, livestock pin, cage, substation, unoccupied holiday homes, temporary sites, telephone boxes and so on, so many innovative ways to apply solar ventilators, only nowhere you can’t imagine. No need for battery or power supply, no wiring, no plug, no noise, with our unique low-profile vents, basically once installed at any angel anywhere sun reaches, you’ll enjoy more comfort and health brought by removing much less annoying damp, mold, rot, rust, mildew, moisture, musty odor, condensation or heat buildup at no cost, always guard your health.


So proud to be part of this revolutionary technology and we will continue to surprise your expectations by assisting Australia and New Zealand to a pollution free solar future.  

Spend over $100 to receive your free

100% organic

cotton bag.

Why our solar vent are good for vehicle/boat and your health?


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