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Solar Whiz: Solar Ventilation

The Solar Whiz Solar Ventilation Whirlybird contributes directly towards the cooling of your home throughout the warmer parts of the year and with $0 running costs. Solar Whiz increases the comfort of your home, whilst reducing your cooling costs.

residential solar roof ventilation

Stop Your House From Getting Too Hot! Use Solar Whiz for Effective Roof Ventilation, Solar Whiz currently has three different-sized roof ventilators:

  • The SW-AU-R-15

  • The SW-AU-R-28

  • The SW-AU-R-40

sub floor ventilation

​EG technics supplies and install two different type of SolarWhiz subfloor fans.

  • inline fans with solar panel or 12volt transformer.

  • SolarWhiz subfloor wall/gable fans

Commercial SW roof ventilation

EG technics supplies and installs 2 Solar Whiz Commercial Extractor Fans. These are each suited toward particular commercial and industrial properties! The models we provide are.:

  • SW-AU-C-110

  • SW-AU-C-155

Solar Light Whiz

4 different sizes of Solar Light Whiz and different sizes of solar panels:

  • 295 x 295mm square hybrid lighting devices​

  • 295 x 595mm rectangle hybrid lighting devices

  • 595 x 595mm square hybrid lighting devices

  • 295 x 1195mm rectangle hybrid lighting devices

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